Registration is CLOSED for Summer Club 2020!

To Register: 

  1. Fill out Summer Club registration application:   

  ———–> CFCI Client application: 200210 Summer Club Spark CFCI Registration

  1. Send filled out application to Stephanie Kimmen at

  2. Stephanie will review your application with your child’s ABA team and will decide if your child is ready to participate in Summer Club. 

  3. Once your child is accepted, the $65 registration fee is due. We will then send you an activities schedule and it is time to prepare for an awesome summer at Summer Club!

Registration for Summer Club 2020 is now closed, thank you for a great summer with your kiddos!

Please Note:

  • Must be currently receiving ABA services.

  • Must be a current CFCI client. (just for Summer 2020)

If you have any questions please call Stephanie at 303-802-0946, or email at

Additionally, please review the information below.

All information you provided in the intake about your child will be used to determine your child’s readiness and the goals that we will focus on throughout the summer. Please note that your child cannot start Club until the treatment plan is made. When your child is accepted into Club there will be an introductory phone call from staff to go over important guidelines and for you to give us any additional information.

Please note that participation is not guaranteed, however, we will do our best to accommodate you. It is our priority to provide a safe and therapeutic environment for every child and staff member, as well as the community. If at any point your child presents with severe aggression or elopement issues, and we determine that your child is not fit to be with us, you will be asked to pick up your child early. In this case, there is a likelihood that services may be suspended or canceled while a treatment plan is updated and the staff working with your child are trained. We may suggest that your child receives in-office services or in-home services to provide your child with the care he/she may need. In the case that your child needs more than one on one supervision or a male technician, accommodation is not guaranteed. All of these happenings will be at the discretion of the directors.

Please download our Club Spark Family Manual for information, policies and expectations of club.